1 – Our First Meeting

We will Schedule an appointment for you to sit down with Dj Turk to make sure you are 100% comfortable moving forward. You’ll have the opportunity to ask questions so you can be sure Dj Turk is the perfect fit for you.

2- Start Planning

We are available for unlimited email and phone consultations to help you plan your event. We can offer many suggestions, ideas and tips, as well as to answer your questions about any aspect of your wedding, ceremony and reception

3- Final Review

Approximately 1 month before the celebration we will have an event review, we’ll go over all of the details regarding the celebration. All production items will all be addressed and finalized

4- It’s Your Wedding Day!

Have a great wedding reception filled with dancing, crying, laughing and memories that will last a lifetime. When you choose Dj Turk , you get years of experience and a DJ who will make sure your entire ceremony and reception is perfect!